My intention with this work is to undermine the visual manifestations of late-stage capitalism, while simultaneously exposing the inherent absurdity of the culture it produces. In a culture where aesthetics have largely been used to support capitalism I ask these questions: can any value be reclaimed from the symbols and images of capitalism run amok? Can a painting of a chili dog ironically render a chili dog more valuable than an actual chili dog? Can I negate the manipulative intentions of a fashion ad by atomizing its visual elements and reconfiguring them into an abstract collage? How can a work of art question and change one’s relationship with the oversaturated, empty aesthetics of our post-modern world?

   By deconstructing the aesthetics that function to manufacture their consent the viewer is given the opportunity to renegotiate their relationship with the culture that these objects and images represent. And it is in this exact space of renegotiation that I hope to empower the audience by giving them the opportunity to re-see western culture for what it is: ridiculous.